Our Mission

Good karma boxes was created to provide special, curated,  boutique boxes filled with beautiful, elegant, classic and functional items that will bring excitement and happiness when they arrive.

Good Karma Story

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, and as such I found myself being a single mom to a 2 year old while working in retail. For anyone who has gone through this experience, you know life can be daunting and the responsibility overwhelming.

As I tried to raise my son, I realized that there were many things I needed help with.  Luckily, I had great parents, especially my dad who provided me with guidance in being a good role model, support when I went back to school and instilled in me the values of always helping when I could and paying it forward. Over the years as my son got older and he became a kind, honest and respectful young man, the importance of the saying, “What goes around, comes around” became very real for me.  So many things could have gone wrong on this journey but nothing did, and I am sure it was not just luck.  I like to believe it was good karma!

So, when I started this company, it couldn’t be called anything but Good Karma Boxes. I also couldn’t go without doing some good, so I chose to support a different charity each year, with donations of boxes or proceeds from each box going to help with a cause. The SOS Children’s Villages was selected for a couple of reasons. First, I had the opportunity to volunteer in Mozambique for several months.  While I was there, the SOS village was across the street from where I was living so I got to visit and see what they did. Secondly, they just do great things. Lastly, I believe anything that will benefit a child is worth supporting.

Shaffina Hirji
President & CEO